We welcome your visit to our website and hope that you enjoy your view of HMS School as you browse the site. We’re proud to be affiliated with HMS, a center for excellence and a loving, joyful environment. As we work with students and plan for the school’s future, we are confident that with help from our talented staff, every child will continue to find success.

We believe that every student has the right to experience a full childhood and rich school program, and every HMS staff member is dedicated to that goal. At HMS, we’ve learned through the years that even for children with complex developmental and medical issues, almost anything is possible.

Listen as a child who is nonverbal speaks to his parents for the first time with his communication device. Watch the pride on the face of a student who moves herself down the hall in a power wheelchair. Feel the excitement as youngsters prepare to perform a musical show. At HMS we make it happen.

We invite you to visit us here at HMS School to get a better feel for our staff, students, facilities and best practices. For a preview of all of this, please watch our latest video “Welcome to HMS School”.