How to Take Screenshots

The use of pictures and symbols is a great low-tech way to make your child an active participant.  Taking screenshots of images from the Internet gives you access to these  photos and symbols.

For Mac
On a Mac OS, you press Command + Shift + 4 together to save an image to your desktop, and Command + Control + Shift + 4 to save it to your clipboard.  You will see crossbars on the screen. Move the crossbars to the top of the image and click and drag the mouse to highlight the picture you want to copy, let go of the mouse and the picture is saved. 

For Windows Based Computers
On a PC you can take a screenshot (the whole screen) by pressing Print Screen. On a laptop, you press the FN + Print Screen.  This will save the image on the clipboard. If you go into Start + Programs + Accessories + Paint, you can use the Microsoft Paint® program on your computer to crop and copy the image you want.  If you have Windows Vista you can go into Start + Programs + Accessories + Snipping Tool to copy a selected area on the screen.