Health Services

HMS has on staff experienced, licensed nurses who provide nursing care round-the-clock, seven days a week. Teams of pediatric nurses and trained caregiving staff, under the leadership of the Director of Health Services and the Medical Director, enable HMS to accommodate children and youth with complex disabilities and medical conditions.*

Nurses promote and protect students’ optimal well-being, safety and full participation in their school program. They administer medications, tube feedings and other treatments at the student’s location allowing school activities to proceed with little interruption. Open communication between nurses and families eases the transition from home to school and smoothly reintegrates a child returning from a medical procedure or hospitalization. We expertly handle any medical emergency and arrange transport for students to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia a little over a mile away.

Every student is assigned to a nursing team who are passionate about caring for children with disabilities. Each team works collaboratively through family and physicians and other healthcare providers to support and foster continuity of care. Well-trained, direct caregiving staff provide personal care and nurturing, alert to any change in youngsters’ medical condition and emotional well-being. A daily communication book circulates among the team and goes home with each student.

Our team goes beyond basic daily needs. Medical specialties and screenings in the areas of nutrition, orthopedics- involving brace fittings and adjustments, optometry, dentistry and more are provided on-site, ensuring that children receive ongoing support for their success.


*Please be aware that there may be circumstances when a student requires additional nursing care that may be covered by personal insurance.