Speech/Language Therapy

From the residence, Natalie says “Hi” to her mom using her communication device during their evening video-conference chat on the computer. Emily selects the answer to her teacher’s question about a story by scanning her communication device. Tom uses eye gaze to tell his therapist which drink he prefers.

Communication is powerful. Every student, at whatever level, has the ability to interact with others. We are committed to giving students a voice and helping them to be interactive communication partners. Using students’ individual abilities and interests, we help them develop skills that motivate and facilitate their participation in our education program.

We assess and reassess students on a wide range of communication devices that HMS maintains for trials and training, and we collaborate with other disciplines for maximum success.

Our therapists conduct therapeutic feeding sessions and work with students to fully develop oral-motor feeding skills, following the recommendations of our feeding specialist. All program staff receive training in therapeutic feeding techniques.

We also evaluate and re-evaluate students who undergo surgery or who are returning to school following surgery in areas such as feeding, receptive and expressive language, AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and respiration.

"We see a huge difference in a year. At HMS you actually have a voice. Everything’s so much more at your fingertips—a device, an accessory."

Lance Riegler, Parent