Why Support HMS

John came to HMS at age 12 after well-meaning teachers and therapists failed to unlock his ability to communicate. His parents say of HMS, “Most people have no conception of what the gift of communication is really worth. But when your teenage child is able to tell you he loves you for the first time, you realize it is priceless.”

HMS is the only school in Pennsylvania that specializes exclusively in the needs of children with severe disabilities resulting from cerebral palsy or other brain injury. Many of our students are also physically fragile, with complex medical conditions.

Our success in expanding students’ communication skills, control over their environment and understanding of their world has earned HMS a national reputation. Our experienced staff draws on a wealth of state-of-the-art equipment to promote students’ learning. Our education/therapy program devotes considerable one-on-one attention to each youngster. Skilled nursing care 24/7 supports students’ ability to fully participate in their school and residential programs.

This successful formula comes with considerable cost. HMS is able to provide many program extras—not covered by state funding—through the generosity of our friends. Your gift to HMS can make a real difference. Please become a friend of HMS. Consider a visit to the school to see your gift in action.