School District Professionals

HMS is well known to many school district personnel throughout the greater Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania and the nation. Having enjoyed a reputation for excellence over decades of service to children with disabilities and significant health issues, we collaborate successfully with school district professionals in a variety of ways on behalf of these students and their families.

Our multidisciplinary-team approach to evaluating students, making recommendations for their programming needs, establishing specific achievement goals and delivering services is an HMS hallmark. Team members are experienced specialists—both professionals and paraeducators—and include skilled nurses on-site 24/7 to administer medication, respiratory and other treatments and tube feedings.

We want to work with you when a student’s needs are beyond what the local school district’s special education program can provide. The school district’s IEP team often recognizes the limits of how they can serve a student with severe and multiple disabilities, and that’s when an alternative placement may be appropriate. When we work with a student from your district, we are collaborative partners in his/her education. We consider the parents and school district as active members of our team.

Even if an admissions inquiry does not result in an HMS placement, HMS offers school districts a range of consultation services related to the needs of students with significant, multiple disabilities. Our Extended School Year program is also open to students not enrolled at HMS.