5 reasons why a residential program may be a good fit for your special needs child 

Choosing the right school for a child living with special needs can be challenging, but making the choice for your child to live in a residential school program can be even harder. Here at HMS, we know that a residential program is not for everyone, but for those that are a good fit, it can be an incredible and enriching experience. Here are some indications that a residential program might be a good fit for you! 

1. Commute and Transportation 

Believe it or not, many of our students travel over an hour every day to attend school at HMS, some of them almost two hours! These early commutes can be taxing on parents and students, resulting in a lot of rushing around in the early morning, especially if the student lives far away.  

Many parents who have chosen to enroll in our residential program have said that the challenges of long commutes on their child and family were what motivated them to examine the residential program in the first place!

2. Independence and Peer Support 

Day schools can be a wonderful opportunity for students to socialize and learn essential life skills that will help them in their everyday life, but many parents find that residential programs are a great way for students to learn independence. This is especially beneficial to older students who are looking to eventually transition to assisted living, independent, or semi-independent living  

HMS also provides a supportive environment where our students can make lifelong friends and connections with their peers. HMS also provides a unique opportunity for students to be around other kids just like them. Our alumni repeatedly say that their time at HMS was one of the best experiences of their lives! 

3. Nursing Care and Access to Specialized Services 

Families of children living with special needs know that the level of care their child receives matters. Our residence offers access to full-time nursing and personal care staff in addition to access to physical, speech, occupational and recreational therapies through our day school. Because of HMS’s residential program, many parents have stated it feels good to not have to worry about finding full or part time nursing care.  

4. Consistent and Structured Environment 

With the hassle of a commute out of the way and with a regular schedule every day, many students and parents find it is much easier to live in our residential program. Not only does a residential program offer convenience, but also predictability when it comes to things like meals, therapies, exercise, classroom time, and sleep. HMS is committed to making sure that your child has the structure in place for learning and growth to happen, and that means not having to sweat the small stuff! 

5. Transition Planning 

Every special education student should be taught and cared for with the future in mind. Will they live at home after they graduate? Get a place of their own? Live in an adult residential program? Residential programs are a wonderful way to bridge that transition into adult living. In a residential program your child will get a feeling for how it is to live away from home in a structured environment with 24-hour care, plenty to do on the weekends, and activities after school during the week. 

Want more information on HMS’s Residential Program or want to come see our school for yourself? Email Diane Taylor, Admissions Coordinator at admissions@hmsschool.org today!