Celebrating World Theatre Day!

Theatre can transport us to so many wonderful places and take us on magical adventures. From Shakespearean epics to ragtime musicals, the power of the stage can make us laugh, cry, and a whole range of emotions in between. HMS knows that theatre can be a powerful tool for students to express themselves. That’s why in honor of World Theatre Day, HMS student Kristin Stauffer sat down with HMS Theatre Arts Instructor Holly Yokley to ask about how theatre has influenced her life and time here at HMS!

How long have you been at HMS?

I have been full-time at HMS for six years, but before that I was contracted through the Walnut Street Theatre to teach theatre classes here at HMS two days a week. When I started working at HMS, I was a teacher’s assistant and then I transitioned into my role now, as a full time theatre teacher. So, I’ve been at HMS 12 years total!

What’s your favorite thing about theatre?

My favorite thing about theatre is that it allows us to use our imaginations and really think about how the world can be different and how we can experience different things but at the same time be true to ourselves and bring our own unique perspective to storytelling.

Why should kids learn about theatre?

So many reasons! Theatre is a really great way to help you express yourself. It allows people to really be themselves, but it can also allow people to be someone different too. It’s also about connection. Connecting to your fellow actors and to your audience. The most important thing about theatre is how to allows you to branch out and foster connections.

What’s your favorite theatrical production you’ve put on? Do you like to be on stage or behind the scenes?

It’s so hard to pick a single favorite! One of my favorites is a production I put on here at HMS. We adapted the story “The Punk Rock Farm.” It was a great production because it brought together an adapted story while also adding original elements. We also had really cool lighting and props for this production and all the students were able to showcase activities that they like doing. It was a lot of fun to do, because everyone had the chance to showcase their personalities and strengths.

I started off doing theatre on stage, as many do. It was a great introduction to theatre. I enjoyed being on stage, but I enjoy being behind the scenes the most. I like being able to put all the pieces together, and create an entire production. I love being the director behind the scenes.

What’s your favorite memory of your time at HMS?

There’s so many, but one of my favorite memories of HMS is when we did a board game themed show, and it was so fun! We put together all of these great props! I remember using large mats as dominos, and it was so exciting and creative! But the day of the show it seemed like nothing was going right! We had technical difficulties and communication devices were crashing. It seemed like a disaster but at HMS we always find a way to come together, and problem solve. At that moment, I realized that HMS was a place where everyone worked as a team. We all come together and make magic happen every day!

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