Temple OT Students Create Special Adaptations to Improve Quality of Life for HMS Students

Temple Occupational Therapy students made very special deliveries to 12 of our students this month: various three-ply cardboard, custom-fitted adaptations that will help them participate in their favorite activities.

The OT students came to HMS at the beginning of the semester and zeroed in on HMS students’ needs. They then built the adaptations, including wheelchair trays, a hockey stick holder and a custom-designed easel, using the heavy-duty cardboard. The material is very durable, portable, low cost and easy to change.

Watch the video below and our students’ smiles will say it all: for Carter, it was a customized wheelchair tray; for Sabina, it was a communication device holder; for Sam, it was a ramp that he can use to launch trucks or balls. The OT students even made additional devices for school-wide use, including a large wheel (pictured above) that can be spun for a variety of games and prize drawings.

Thank you to the talented Temple OTs! We greatly appreciate your dedication to helping our students enjoy greater independence and quality of life.