Day Program

HMS offers a comprehensive program that promotes students’ cognitive and social development.

From the moment we greet youngsters as they arrive at the school entrance, to their afternoon departure, each child experiences a loving, respectful environment and benefits from the combined expertise of a dedicated team.

We ensure students’ safety and the supports necessary to their participation in a full school program—skilled nursing care, medications and tube feedings—and remain alert to any changes in their emotional and physical wellbeing. Daily morning rounds inform the team of special concerns.

“My son is a fifteen-year-old who lives with CP. He has been to many schools, but HMS has moved him into a whole new world of communication and he has made dramatic strides in all areas of life in just three years. The staff is exceptional and the caring, and the teaching can’t be compared for this type of disability.”

– Parent

Each student follows a weekly schedule that incorporates all activities of the school day—class time, therapy sessions, personal care, lunch—what they’re involved in, with which staff and where. But we flexibly adjust for special circumstances and events—guest readers, performers, holiday celebrations, class trips and more.

During the day a communication book travels with each child to facilitate communication between families and team members. Staff update parents about health status and provide a picture of daily program activities that children cannot report themselves. Parents’ input allows staff to talk with students about their home lives. The book is not meant to replace meetings or phone conversations, but to share the details of the day and enhance communication.


For students in the day program, getting there can be half the fun. To find out more click here.