At HMS, we focus on what each child can do. We give our students a voice and teach them how to navigate their world. Our individualized, comprehensive programs facilitate independence and social interaction, cognitive growth and communication skills.

We are experts in the field, not only in special education but in cerebral palsy, assistive technology and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Our interdisciplinary team reinforces students’ learning, as teachers collaborate with skilled physical, occupational, speech and recreation therapists to achieve IEP goals. The team also includes nurses, certified nursing assistants and a social worker who support students’ capacity to participate in the school day and in family and community life. As many as 9 to 14 individuals work together to make each child’s program successful.

“At HMS, our daughter began to advocate for herself, learned life skills, traveled on public transportation, went to concerts and read books…all while building her self-esteem and happiness. The compassion and love of the HMS staff will always remain with Haley and our family.”

– Alumni parents Debbie and Howard Shiber

Classroom Overview

HMS class groupings are based on age, cognitive ability and social maturity.

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Individualized Education Program

IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings reflect the HMS team-based process, working toward the consensus of staff, parents, the student—when able, school-district representatives and, for some students, community service providers.

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Assistive Technology

Technology plays a major role, so important that the team includes a full-time assistive technologist. Both high-tech and low-tech assistive devices help students access and control their environment. From activating a BigMack switch to mastering power mobility, from painting with an adaptive brush to utilizing a sophisticated communication device our team strategizes how to enhance each student’s growth.

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HMS’s special education curriculum meets State standards and is approved by the Bureau of Special Education, Pennsylvania Department of Education and the New Jersey Department of Education.