Classroom Overview

HMS class groupings are based on age, cognitive ability and social maturity. Each class is small—five to ten students taught by a special education teacher and teacher assistant and provides a dynamic mix of individual and group activities appropriate to students’ abilities and interests.

Our curriculum ranges from a sensory/motor level to preparation for adult life and can include functional academics. The curriculum establishes educational benchmarks for youngsters with multiple disabilities, basing students’ goals on our assessment of their cumulative performance. Detailed input from the student’s team enables us to design and modify curriculum for maximum impact.

Like all school groups, our students engage with one another. Class groups forge friendships. Using various means of communication, they share jokes and news from home and talk about upcoming activities.

The classroom encompasses a wide range of student-life opportunities that include trips and visits from community personalities, a rich program in the arts and participation in dances, parties, spontaneous celebrations and special-occasion events. Our students follow sports and politics, rock music and media stars. They get to be regular kids.