HMS regularly arranges community trips to expand students’ horizons, to normalize their experiences and to have fun.

We take advantage of the Philadelphia area’s rich resources. These include: the Philadelphia Zoo, NJ State Aquarium, first-rate theater and music performances, bowling, rock concerts, museums, fishing trips, playgrounds, shopping malls, movies, restaurants, swimming, sports events like Phillies and 76ers games and more. We are fortunate to receive free tickets to many events through generous community organizations or donations from friends of the school.

Classroom groups also plan trips relating to school projects. One class collected beverage can flip tabs for Ronald McDonald House, and enjoyed walking there to deliver the tabs and to have lunch. Groups also take part in community activities in neighboring Clark Park—concerts, the farmers’ market, Veterans Day observances and other celebrations.

HMS owns two minibuses that enable us to travel comfortably and safely with our students. On any given day, it is not unusual to see a group heading out the door for a walking or driving excursion.