The therapy disciplines are integral to HMS’s education program, helping our students to access and control their environment, express their feelings and needs and experience life and learning more fully.

Students’ complex needs drive our broad therapeutic offerings—speech/language, physical, occupational, recreation, music, dance/movement therapies and adaptive art program. All therapists are HMS staff, essential members of the team.

Our program is highly individualized to each student’s needs. Whatever it takes, we aim to optimize each child’s development. Therapists work with students individually in pull-out sessions or in the classroom and in small groups. We individualize all decisions, like scheduling a therapy session for a child’s most responsive time of day. Therapists decide when to co-treat toward a student’s goals.

We’re familiar with the many brands of equipment and assistive devices and stay current in assessing their benefits. We also work closely with vendors to customize equipment for individual students.

“One of the most incredible places for CP kids! My son is a graduate and goes back for alumni days. And the school prom and see old friends and teachers/staff. Music, art with Eiko, and dance rounds out a full day for any student and my son misses every minute of it!”

– Alumni Parent William Geilfuss

Speech/Language Therapy

Communication is powerful. Every student, at whatever level, has the ability to interact with others. We are committed to giving students a voice and helping them to be interactive communication partners.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy’s role at HMS school is to support the educational program by helping to maximize each student’s level of functioning within the classroom, at home and/or out in the community.

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Physical Therapy

Through physical therapy, students participate in a comprehensive treatment program to maximize flexibility, strength, coordination and range of motion, to achieve the greatest possible functional mobility and to ambulate/use a manual or power wheelchair.

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Recreation & Expressive Arts Therapies

Our mission is to provide students with Recreation Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, and opportunities to participate in art, theater, and dance performances.

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