Recreation & Expressive Arts Therapies

The Department of Recreation and Expressive Arts Therapies is dedicated to the belief that participation in recreation and the arts are important aspects to everyone’s quality of life.

Our mission is to provide students with Recreation Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, and opportunities to participate in art, theater, and dance performances. Our goal is to maximize each student’s abilities to participate and enjoy recreation, and expressive arts pursuits as they transition into adult programs.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation is fun, but it’s also about more than just playing. Our recreation therapy program helps students of all ages to discover meaningful leisure options and ways to enhance their joy in life.

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Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) creates a safe, supportive and joyful environment that opens up new possibilities for students’ self-expression and social interaction and increased capacity for movement by expanding their movement repertoire.

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Music Therapy

From music therapy with individual and class groups to jam sessions, sing-a-longs, hoedowns and performances, music offers students an important avenue for communication and self expression.

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Art Program

For all children, and especially those who may have little control over their hand and/or arm movements, are nonverbal or have limited verbal skills, art is an important form of communication and source of increasing self esteem.

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Theater Arts

HMS enjoys a fruitful relationship with the education outreach arm of Walnut Street Theatre (WST) in Center City Philadelphia.

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