Recreation Therapy

Recreation is fun, but it’s also about more than just playing. Our recreation therapy program helps students of all ages to discover meaningful leisure options and ways to enhance their joy in life.

recreational therapy

A group of students drive in their wheelchairs to a local bowling alley. Carter plays a favorite computer game with his therapist. Children relish the dirt on their fingers as they plant flowers in a raised bed.

Students develop communication, leisure, play and social skills through a variety of activities that include group games and adapted sports, switch-adapted toys, reading and computer activities, horticulture and aquarium projects, and horseback riding.

Small groups take trips for interactive play outings and to sports, entertainment and cultural events. Students explore the resources of HMS’s urban neighborhood—special events in adjacent Clark Park and other community activities. In turn, volunteers from nearby universities and the community visit HMS to join students in leisure activities.

HMS educates students about community recreation resources, how they can overcome barriers to accessing them and how they can enjoy these experiences with their families or as young adults transitioning out of school.