We searched for a long time before finding HMS. They have so many more services for our son than any other school of this type. Examples: Parent Teacher Night—They keep the entire school staff after school so that both parents can attend and do not have to find caretakers (which can be difficult for special needs children). They also provide boxed dinners on these nights to help parents with their busy schedules. Second, their special doctors visit the children at school so that parents do not have to take time off for routine eye care and dental visits. Third, when our son was learning to use an assistive communication device at his previous school, we had to order a loaner from the state. After working with it for a few months, it had to be returned. At our HMS interview, they provided a loaner and showed us how to program it right then and there. He has been using it steadily for the past few years and is still learning. GREAT SCHOOL!