HMS School’s Health and Safety Plan: Fall 2021

Our HMS Team is eager to start the 2021-2022 school year!

With the new school year approaching, we encourage you to review our Health and Safety Plan for HMS School. The attached PDF Plan is a work in progress that we will amend as we address concerns, continue to learn, and provide each of you the information required to help us keep students and staff safe. This document is not designed to answer every question or cover every nuance in opening the building to full day, in-person instruction and therapies. Please consider this resource as we share a snapshot of the planning that has occurred throughout COVID-19.  We continue to engage in active dialogue with families and staff as we determine the best course of action for getting everyone back and staying back in the building safely.

We plan to continue to amend and extend this document as we learn more and welcome the insight and contributions of the entire HMS community to ensure a successful return to in-person school. 

Thank you to all HMS families, staff, district partners and our Board of Directors for their support and guidance during this time. I would especially like to thank all staff that have directly contributed to putting this plan together.   

Let’s go!

Tom Quinn
President, HMS School