What Makes HMS Unique

HMS’s signature strength is our individualized, holistic philosophy and drive for excellence. Each child benefits from a team’s collaboration—the shared expertise of teachers, therapists, nurses and a social worker who will do whatever it takes to make our program fit the need of the child. If our first approach isn’t successful, we’re ready to try something new. Our communication goes full circle, with information exchanged among the HMS team, and from day staff to residential staff in a collaborative manner.

We are committed to our students and are passionate for their health and comfort. As experts in the issues resulting from cerebral palsy or other brain injuries, we continually challenge ourselves to stay on top of best practices in the field. We specialize in state-of-the-art assistive technology that expands an individuals access to the world, harnessing every form of assistive device to maximize students’ independence.

The goal of an HMS education is inclusion—in the family, in the community and in school life. We work to prepare our students for active participation in each realm of their lives. We make possible a fulfilling school experience that allows our students to be “regular kids.”

HMS is designated an Approved Private School by PA Department of Education and receives funding for PA students with multiple disabilities, in day or residential programs, whose families, sending school districts and the state agree to accept an HMS placement. Our residential program is certified by PA Department of Human Services, Division of Children, Youth and Families. We also work with out-of-state school districts and their state Department of Education to explore agreements for placement and funding.