After Hours Fun

Free from a lengthy bus commute, residential students participate in a balanced menu of after-school and evening enrichment activities.

Trips and outings, theater and dance classes, horseback riding and hoedowns, TV and computer games, quiet time with music or toys, birthday celebrations and special events are all part of the residential scene. Community volunteers and students from local universities often participate.

Monday through Thursday evenings offer scheduled activities like theater arts and dance class. Friday nights are more laid back—pizza and a movie, and weekends include additional outings and activities. Students also elect how to spend their leisure time, perhaps sharing quiet one-on-one moments with a favorite staff member. Scheduled activities intersperse with spontaneous fun.

Students enjoy typical experiences that normalize life—they walk to a nearby pet store or buy whoopee pies at the farmers’ market in Clark Park. The HMS residence is not an insulated place—we’re about opening up opportunities to experience the world.