School Life

HMS students enjoy a rich school life.

Our goal is to offer students a broad range of activities, similar to those that any youngster would be able to experience.

We all look forward to annual events that engage every classroom in planning, including the Fall Festival, Science Fair, Holiday Show, Art Show, Awards Assembly, Year Book and Carnival. The Education Department also selects an annual theme that shapes classroom and school-wide activities. Some activities are age-specific like Graduation and Spring Dance.

“HMS has a staff of passionate people who are committed to making the lives of children with cerebral palsy the best that they can be. We are fortunate that our home school district understands the benefits of sending our son to HMS. I don’t know a school that can hold a candle to the services provided by HMS.”

– Parent

HMS is big on celebrations and fun. We seldom pass up a holiday or special occasion, whether dressing up for Halloween and a haunted house, partying for birthdays and other important life-stage events or participating in theme days. We observe important cultural milestones like Black History month. Our Guest Reader Program invites interesting community personalities to read a book and share or demonstrate their own life experiences with students. Theater, music, dance and circus performers come to entertain.

Students can participate in Student Government and contribute to the school newspaper. They enjoy neighborhood outings and trips to many of the city’s cultural and recreational resources.